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A Book “Review: The ‘New Middle East’ by Shimon Peres (Part Three) Advertisements

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A New Book: To the End of the Rainbow

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A New Book: To the End of the Rainbow http://craiglock.wordpress.com/tag/to-the-end-of-the-rainbow/

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Sharing Some Uplifting Thoughts from Dr Norman Vincent Peale

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KALK BAY (from the new book ‘Stirling’, a story, stories of hope) KALK BAY (from the new book ‘Stirling’, a story, stories of hope) Kalk Bay harbour Kalk Bay , Cape Town (from http://kalkbaystjamesratepayers.wordpress.com) KALK BAY (from the new book ‘Stirling’, … Continue reading

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Sharing Some Empowering and Uplifting Thoughts from my Notes (from the brand new e-book THE WINNING WAY)


Submitter’s Note

These are some quotations and thoughts (some on “airey-fairey spiritual matters”), that I’ve collected* and “jotted down” on my computer. I’ll include them in my new book at Amazon, titled ‘The Winning Way’ at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006WQSGEI. Hope these words may be as encouraging, uplifting, empowering…and perhaps even “inspiring” to you as they are to me. So am sharing. Enjoy

* instead of stamps or bottle-tops


The important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete…it’s not victory but combat…not to have vanquished but to have fought well…not winning but taking part.”

― Pierre de Coubertin (French Educator, primarily responsible for the revival of the Olympic Games in 1894. 1863-1937)

“Nothing inspires me more than than people who stand up and say,’ Yes, we can do anything. You don’t have to be special to achieve incredible things.”

Jessica Watson (Australian round-the-world sailor at age 17!)

The greatest mountain we need to climb lies in our our own minds”. It’s not the highest mountain that we conquer, but ourselves, our own mentality. Overcoming perceived limits to reach (attain) the pinnacle of our own minds.”

– craig (as inspired by the words of Sir Edmund Hillary, conquerer of Mount Everest (1919-2008)

True champions, like an Ayrton Senna, are able to find a new level (of performance) – when required, they have the ability to “dig deep” and find something very special inside themselves

‘The aim is to be in the Zone every time you get in the car. But that day Ayrton was somewhere else beyond the Zone…heaven”

– Lewis Hamilton

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A ‘REVIEW’: ‘From Seeds of Hope to Endless Possibilities …A New Age’

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