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A New Book: To the End of the Rainbow

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Sharing a few Quotations/Thoughts on HOPE (from the new novel ‘Stirling’ )

These are some of the notes (in point form) from thoughts and quotations that I’ve written down and collected over the years, which may be of interest and get you “tinking” about these “airey-fairey matters”. These thoughts will form an extract from a chapter of a novel I’m currently writing, called ‘Stirling’. Hope that these thoughts may be helpful and perhaps even inspirational to you… so am sharing. Enjoy…

“Without trust, there is no hope for love and love is all we ever have to hold against the dark.”

– Creina Alcock

“Like a modern Gandhi, she (Aung San Suu Kyi) lives those timeless and universal notions which have always appealed to humans – freedom, sacrifice, endurance, peace, courage, forgiveness, and most of all, hope, when there is little reason for it.”

Fine writing by Simon Scott in his article LOOKING TO BUILD HOPE IN A TROUBLED COUNTRY.

What I see for 2011 is the need to try to make the people understand that we have the capacity to bring about change. What I want most of all is to empower the people and make them understand ‘we are the ones who can bring about change in this country’.”

as published in the NZ Herald, Jan 17 2011.

Shared by ä champion of hope”

“From the depth of the valleys, in the deserts of despair, there is hope… as there is the unquenchable oasis, the immense breadth and depth of the human spirit… always.”

– craig

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Racing driver in a deep coma (Stirling)

* quest trying to find the unknown author (Stirling’s favourite), because the father is convinced that if he can bring author (and dog) to his comatose son’s bedside, a miracle will occur. Sets out to find the one person he believes will be able to help his son come out of his coma and get better.

In short, it’s a story about hope and PEACE, plain and simple!


Watching children grow
is like threatening the ivy
to climb the garden wall.
You wait for it to happen
you hurry it along with love.
But still you’re disappointed
at giving someone life enough
to walk off on their own
and not be carried in your arms.
You never turn back – not once,
and yet one day they’ve grown apart
or taller
It’s all the same.

Polly put the kettle on, we’ll all have tea.
Giving love to children
has made us older overnight.

Rod McKune

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